Thursday, August 4, 2016

The New League of the South

Here is the new website for The League of the South. The League is refocusing its efforts to be more of a political organization and not as much of a heritage organization. This is very encouraging -- we do not need people playing dress-up. We need Sinn Fein.

All too often, Southern heritage groups are terrified of being called racist. Ironically, the actions of orange yankee Donald Trump have emboldened many Southerners. The time to worry about being called "raciss" is most certainly over. Everyone on the planet is highly racist, except us. It's time to admit reality and play on a level playing field. While the League of the South isn't a White organization by definition, its motto is unmistakeable:

Survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people

Best of luck to the new League.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Building Reactionary Brotherhood

Don't expect our European culture to stand like again like a Colossus overnight. Reactionary Brotherhood takes time. It takes a hammer on a nail. It takes one foot in front of one foot. One step. Then two. Then three.

It is setbacks. It's the icy wind of modernity blowing in your face the whole way. Take shelter if you must. Warm up, recharge, and continue forward.

Here's a great article from my favorite blog on this issue:

Separation in Place

There is no place for men or tradition in modern society. Instead of complaining or doing backflips trying to re-engineer ourselves into modern society, the proper masculine response is to make a new society. A society within a society. If that means that the society with no place for men and tradition is destroyed, then so be it. This is the path modern society is heading down anyway. A society with no place for men and tradition is doomed, as it has excised the forces which bind it together. Such a society deserves death, and it is inevitable. Our society will be designed to withstand the collapse of the current order, and preserve our people and traditions.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Focus

I started this blog mainly to talk politics. I was disturbed at the direction of my country, and wanted to be on record as opposing it in some way. The time for talk has passed, and it is now time to prepare for action.

From this point forward this blog will be less politics and more preparedness and tactical subjects.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Drones, NSA, and Stealth Bombers Don't Matter

I see an odd tact running through the patriot community. It's the assertion that liberty defenders stand no hope whatsoever in armed conflict against the US Gov because the US is just so powerful.

One writer at WRSA makes the following case:
For those of you who missed the first Gulf War, you missed seeing Saddam’s military in their fighting positions being buried alive when we lowered our blades and advanced. You can go online for pictures of the devastation unleashed by the Warthogs and fast movers on huge columns of men and materiel not to mention what happens on the receiving end of a 500 or 2000 pound bomb. Don’t kid yourselves, the current combat arms soldier is better equipped, better trained and better prepared for the realities of warfare than you are.
This is a truly ridiculous argument that could best be described as 'hubris.' Sadaam was an idiot for trying to go toe-to-toe with the US Military. It's also the only war the US won in the past 70 years. Everyone else beat them as insurgents. Most of the insurgents of the past couple of centuries weren't even tactically competent. See the IRA.

Afghanistan is 250,000 square miles. Iraq is 170,000 square miles. Let's call it an even half million. Combined, they have a population of 60 million. Both countries have large swaths of open, arid land.

The US is 3.8 million square miles. Population 320 million. Essentially, it's six times bigger and more populous than Afghanistan and Iraq combined. It's heavily wooded and with significant mountain ranges.

What kind of crack are you smoking to think the US Gov could defeat an insurgency in the US?

I'll let you in on another little secret. A third of the military is simply a welfare program. Amongst the other two thirds, most are just not that great at fighting. The competent units that did the fighting in the last two wars were stretched to the breaking point against people who think Allah directs their bullets. Never mind the simple fact that many of those men (I was once one of them) won't fire on their own people.

The strategic assets of the US don't mean shit in an insurgency. Stealth bombers, nuclear missiles do nothing for them. The Navy keeps the country blockaded, but it's so big and with so much technical and agricultural skill that this isn't as important as it is in many small wars.

The NSA? Just drop your phone in a cup of water.

Drones? Walk in the woods. Use multiple vehicles and shake them under cover.

They aren't invincible, guys. If they were, why am I a veteran of two lost wars?

Monday, February 16, 2015

ATF and the Rule of Law

The ATF has more or less announced they are going to ban M855 ammunition; "green tip" as most of us shooters know it.

Arguments in our favor:
1. The 2nd ammendment.
2. A variety of technical arguments regarding the weight composition of the round and whether or not it meets guidlines for armor piercing.
3. Legal arguments on whether the 1986 law applies in this case.

Arguments against us:
The ATF doesn't give a shit.

An that's what it's like to live in a country free of laws. It just kills me to hear people trying to make rational arguments against the oppressors. Here's part of one now:

M855 does NOT meet section (i). It is loaded with a 62gr projectile with a steel "plug" AND a lead core. The steel plug weighs approximately 8-10 grains and the majority of the remainder of the weight is lead. Clearly, the ENTIRE core is not steel and there IS a presence of other substances (lead in this case, which the majority of bullets use as the core material).

It also doesn't meet section (ii). The jacket weight of the 62grain projectile in M855 (also known as an SS109 projectile) is approximately 10.8 grains (17.4% of 62 grains), clearly not meeting the 25% composition as defined by law.

God bless these people, but they are far too late to the game for this sort of tactic to have any effect. Our government has quite unambiguously left the Jeffersonian reservation. Many gun owners are "burning up the switchboard" in DC, hoping that the "opposition party" will stop this. They forget that this party very nearly chose to aid the democrat in banning guns following Newtown.


Our cuffs just got a little tighter.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Moonshiner's Freedom

"Popcorn Sutton" was an Appalachian moonshiner. ZeroGov has a great article on him, and a documentary exists on Youtube.

One of the most uplifting things I have read recently is actually from the comments section of ZeroGov, posted by a MtTopPatriot. He talks not necessarily about "going Galt," but more about screwing the government out of their cut of various slices of economic activity. Here is the comment in full:

You get the Liberty you create.

That Liberty, it all begins with each of us, always has, always will.

That’s why Liberty is Liberty.

Abolition can only happen if it begins with each of us also.

Abolish from your life everything you are able to disconnect in the chain of tyranny, in that way you break the chains of slavery the state has bonded us with. Break that chain, in the smallest of things, you become free.

It is not difficult, a tiny change in thinking, a bit of creativity, a little elbow grease, you can do it.

The resources to do so are readily available. They are cost effective, fun, gratifying and of high quality.

A garden. Sounds like Liberty? No?

It is how you look at it. 25lb bag of seed potatoes for 20 bucks, gets you 3 100ft rows of tubers, if you tend it properly, that gets you a crop of approximately 150lbs of beautiful home grown taters. Can some, can some with deer meat you shot, throw in carrots you grew too. Best beef stew you ever tasted. You can get 20-30 qts of top shelf food, needs no refrigeration. You just beat the bastards running things out of their cut in a multitude of taxes because you cut out every sort of middleman that is taxed. Bingo!

Build a small still, lots of great plans and resources on the interweb. You don’t have to sell it just make your own hooch, maybe barter with trusted ones. You can make vodka, brandy, whiskey, bourbon, cordials, gin, any kind of likker you like. You just denied the bastards their cut, 12 bucks a gallon to the federal regime, and each states cut. Screw em. They can pound sand.

Build rifles and handguns from 80% receivers. AK pattern rifles, AR platform rifles, 1911 pistols, 10-22 carbines in 22lr & 22mg calibers. You deny the bastards their cut.

Buy a early 90’s Chevy pickup. 4wheel drive, small block, standard. Parts are insanely cheap. Water pump, 15 bucks, every brake component all four corners cost about $250, radiator is $85, etc. You can refurbish one for 3 grand, new tires included, doing the work yourself. Body parts are stupid cheap. For the cost of the truck and parts, you get a super reliable cheap to feed vehicle you can haul firewood in.

Tags and insurance are cheap too. With a throttle body spacer, a hi performance exhaust, platinum plugs and a low temp thermostat they get 18mpg on cheap gas.

You just beat a line of state actors out of their cut of your dollar, from excise shakedown, to sales tax, to insurance, bank interest, and it is all yours buddy! No one owns it but you.

Heat your home with wood. Do you know how many taxes are extracted in the stream of energy before you get it exist? Including the taxes extorted from your paycheck? Taxes for tolls, tires diesel fuel, the drives income taxes, road use tax, state taxes, license and tag taxes, the business taxes extracted by every enterprise that handles that energy? Can you understand why the EPA has banned woodstoves? They want that tribute, they want to indenture us, make us dependent so they have a captive populous who are forced to pay…taxes!

It all adds up. The tax racket is rigged in percentage. It is how extortion rackets work. The thing with corruption is how it works too. Greed and avarice. Nothing else. So many hands are in the trough taking their cut of the cut, there is no reserve, every penny is divided as spoils of tyranny. See what this means? It is not a system of good will and intentions, it is organized crime and the take is treated as a right, a privilege, and an entitlement. When the take decreases, the pecking order suffers. The system has a built in failure mode. No one involved can tolerate a diminishing return in this spoils system.

If you beat the motherfuckers out of a thousand dollars over a year, you just denied them a chunk of income. Think what 1 million people denying the sonofabitches a grand each does? But it is more than just cash. It disrupts the hierarchy, it scares them, because somebody knows why the cut is smaller, they know where every penny comes from, count on it.

Now, it is not just money, but it is defiance, it is a fuck you, it is the middle finger of Liberty.

Think about that.

Popcorn Sutton is proof of how that works. He lived so free, nobody could take it away from him. He never surrendered to the bastards. They sent a blood thirsty genocidal psychopath after Popcorn. The prick probably volunteered. That bastard and his psychopath pals murdered, burnt to a crisp, all those moms and their kids in that bunker in Waco, and stood on the charred remains and took trophy photos of each other with their rifles smiling like they shot a trophy buck. That’s who they sent for Popcorn. They feared Popcorn, because he was free, just like they where scared of the Liberty the men and woman of Waco made for themselves. That is pure unadulterated tyranny.

That is why Popcorn is a Hero. Because he proved you can live free, and people loved him for it.

They couldn’t murder Popcorn, he would be an instant martyr, so they tried to cage a free bird. And they couldn’t do that. Popcorn gave them the middle finger of ultimate Liberty.

It all begins with each of us.

They can only murder and jail so many, carefully, under false flags and false pretenses using illegitimate means. They are no different than any crime gang who must make violent examples of enough people to scare the majority. Because they need that extortion money to remain in power. Because they understand if just enough of a plurality choose to defy and resist, they loose power and control. It is the ones who are not afraid who they fear. It is all they fear. Those who are free and brave represent the existential threat of existence to those running things. Get right with that truth, you get right with your Liberty.

The Liberty you make is the Liberty you get.

Intel's Capitulation to Jesse Jackson

 Originally published on American Thinker, January 11, 2015.

Don’t be mad at Intel. Like all human entities, they must thrive as best they can in their given surroundings. In 2015’s America, that means paying hush money to minority agitators before they use the dreaded race card. Anger at Intel’s capitulation to the farcical “civil rights movement” would better be directed at long dead voters, or perhaps at the mirror.

Intel is set to spend $300 million to construct a “pipeline” to ferry women and non-Asian minorities into tech jobs. As reported by the left wing rag USA Today:
“Intel said it will tap a $300 million fund to help build a pipeline of female and under-represented engineers and computer scientists. The company will also support hiring and retaining more women and underrepresented minorities and will fund programs to promote more positive representation of women and minorities in the technology and gaming industries.”

Of course, our old friend Van Jones, teamed up with Reverend Jackson,  has cooked up a graft befitting the 21st century:
“Van Jones, founder of #YesWeCode, an ambitious project to teach 100,000 low-income youth to code, said the talent is out there: It just needs someone to provide opportunity.”

As an Intel investor (I have 500 shares of INTC), my preferred pipeline commodity would be petroleum products. Perhaps that thought is why I am a shareholder and not the CEO of the company. In 2015, diversity is simply a more valuable commodity than petroleum.

The American president is a radical anti-white racist, as are many of his minions (see the bosses of Homeland Security, Justice Department, ATF, HUD). From the top down, the national government has made it clear that whites must know their place, and that redemption for racial sins can only be attained through torturous trial. It's most prudent not commit the sins to begin with.

The American government openly punishes and rewards private companies and individuals based on ideology. The IRS audit is now widely known to be a wooden paddle for citizens who publicly fail to toe the line. The American treasury is opened freely for entities in trouble, such as banks, unions, and Al Sharpton, while military retirees must fight for pocket money in the form of Cost Of Living Adjustments.

Intel wants to make gadgets. As a corporation, it has a fiduciary duty to shareholders. Adding some colorful deadweight to the payroll is far cheaper than incurring the wrath of the American government.  Such is America in 2015. I urge the reader not to fume at this development, but rather see it as an opportunity to invest in a company which has secured the regime’s backing.