Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Review: Starving the Monkeys

Ok, this book is a pretty epic manifesto by Tom Baugh. It part political philosophy, part autobiography, part economics textbook, and part self-help book. In this book, men create value, and monkeys leach off of men.

Baugh first lays out in easily understood terms how economic specialization and free trade benefits all. In short, if there are two necessary tasks for life, and both Jim and Bob can do one well but not the other, it benefits them to trade services instead of wasting their time on things they can barely do.

From there, Baugh uses the allegory of a needy widow as a segway to the more political section of the book which explains just how the world's economies became such over-regulated disasters. The next logical part of the book is action, and deals mostly with the author encouraging readers to educate themselves in the sciences, and to deal with one another as independent contractors so as to circumvent government regulations, thus "starving the monkeys."

The book is witty and entertaining, but more specific methods on fighting back would have been welcome (Baugh's website includes series of articles on how to incorporate, and other useful self-sufficiency education).


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lumpen Proletariat Rising

Lumpen - boorish and stupid, rabble.
Proletariat - lowest class of citizen, working class.

Whenever one of these dumb cases happens I am always surprised. Why? It's so predictable. Thousands of blacks die every year, generally in same-race violence, and nobody bats an eye. Yet, whenever the powers that be decide they need to rile up the easily riled black community, one of these unfortunates is turned into a martyr.

The departed tend to be dumb street trash, petty criminals who get planted in the ground for finally screwing with the wrong person. In Trayvon "Saint Skittles" Martin's case it was his decision to play knock-out with Zimmerman. In this most recent case, it seems that small time criminal Michael Brown brought his fists to a gun fight.

Whenever I see one of these ghetto goblins made a hero it reminds me of just how far removed from the mainstream I really am.

Ohh, yeah:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Securing the borders and winning the wars

Our "federal" government (it is really not federal anymore, but national) was burdened with only a few responsibilities. Easily the biggest two are to win the wars and secure the national border.

To be more precise, the sum of the borders of the states is far greater than a single national border, and so by having a federal government acting as an umbrella for the state governments, fewer of the citizens' resources must go toward border security. In theory. Also in theory, having various state and city militias forming an ad-hoc resistance to invaders would be well served by a unified national command.

Obviously there are a few premises that this logic is based on that are no longer valid. When the constitution was created, it was thought that the American military would be used to defend the country, not to teach booger eaters how to grow organic lettuce in lieu of poppies. Additionally, the greatest proponents of the constitution, Jay, Hamilton, and Madison, never would have guessed that the federal monster they were advocating for would see a porous national border as a way to ethnically cleanse their surly citizenry.

The logic of the federal government no longer applies, and thus it is time to nullify it.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

It Pays to Be a Winner

Or in the concise words of Ricky Bobby: "Winners get to do what they want"

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marine Imprisoned in Mexico

Investors article

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been held in Mexico since March 31st. His crime was that he missed the last US exit on the interstate and accidentally entered Mexico with 3 guns. He faces over 20 years in prison depending on the outcome of his trial.

Meanwhile, Osama's administration has released 36,000 illegal immigrants convicted of murder, rape, burglary, assault, and other such violations. If you recall, this criminal we call a president has also shipped a few guns to Mexico (Fast and Furious). While Sgt Tahmooressi entered Mexico accidentally and harmed no one, we suffer violence and sex crimes from thousands of Mexican nationals yearly.

Is it time for private Americans to jailbreak this Marine?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

National Review: What STEM Shortage?

National Review article

Rarely does NR hit one out of the park anymore, but this article by Steven Camarota delivers. The long and short? Republicans support immigration (skilled H1B labor) to satisfy their corporate donors, Democrats support immigration because they don't like the way Americans vote.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

John McCain Never Learns

Originally posted on American Thinker, May 14, 2014.

The Arizona Senator has advocated using US troops to rescue the 200 or so girls kidnapped by the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram, without regard to whether or not Nigeria allows it. This jingoism is over the top, even for McCain, who relishes every opportunity to put US troops in harm's way. It is amazingly irresponsible for a high level member of government to unilaterally saber rattle over the fate of 200 people.

The downside to invading a country in Africa is enormous. Nigeria is part Christian and part Muslim. Much of the country is densely forested; tropical disease abounds. How much per girl would McCain's proposed rescue cost, not to mention the toll in American lives and international goodwill? That is truly the billion dollar question for a nation drowning in debt. Such a move, even if it resulted in the successful release of all of the girls and not their summary execution, is unlikely to gain us any favor in the region. It is unlikely to weaken Boko Haram, and doing battle with Americans might even strengthen their stature.

This rational caution of mine is mostly born of studying history -- our nation's meddling from the early 20th century in Latin America to the modern Middle East has mostly been costly and ineffective. McCain has clearly not learned a thing from all the blood spilled and dollars wasted in these foreign boondoggles.

It is deliciously ironic then, that the name Boko Haram roughly translates to "learning is bad."